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Rossmax NK1000 PRO Nebulizer


3in1 Respiratory Solution

Rossmax 3BREATH is a unique 3in1 compressor nebulizer that integrates with a nasal washer and a nasal aspirator. The nebulizer enables efficient medication delivered to the upper airways and lung periphery. It provides comprehensive, effective and convenient care for common respiratory conditions.



MMAD ≤2.5 μm; Fine Particle Dose (FPD): 80-85%

Patented Valve Adjustable nebulizer bottle (VAT)

Low noise with silencer and vibration-absorber design


Nasal Washer

Flushes nasal cavities and rhinopharynx to clear secretions, mucus and harmful substances and alleviates allergic symptoms

Nasal washer nebulizes 10ml of solution in about 2 minutes

Silicone nasal adaptors provide comfortable and soft touch and reliable seal

Made of biocompatible and non-allergenic materials.

Comes with 3 sizes of nasal adaptors and suitable for the whole range

Fluid chamber capacity: Max 20ml


Nasal Aspirator

Removes mucus to alleviate nasal congestion by clearing a blocked nose. It is safe and gentle solution to a blocked nose in babies.

Thanks to the Dual pump design, nebulization and suction pump, provides the maximum hygiene to avoid cross infection.

Adjustable vacuum level

Ergonomic design to ensure a smooth operation

Max vacuum @ pump inlet: -450 mmHg

Max air flow @ pump inlet: >5 L/min


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